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Chances are that if you’ve found yourself here you already kind of know what to expect from this site. If you somehow stumbled upon this then bonus for me. This site is basically a collection of some of the work I’ve produced over my last 12 or so years in the advertising industry, combined with personal information about me, my career and my interests, I’m confident you’ll get a pretty good sense of who Ryan is. So please, feel free to have a look around and if you like what you see then get in touch, whether it’s just for a little chat or a job opportunity, preferably the latter.



About me

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Information

Name: Ryan Dupen
Gender: Male
Birth: 04.04.1984
Nationality: South African
Language: English
Status: Married
Health: Excellent


Rand Park High School
1998 – 2002
Matric Pass

Vega – The Brand Communications School
2003 – 2005
BCBC, Bachelor of arts in communication management, specializing in creative brand communications

Visual Communications
Creative development
Business and entrepreneurship
Principles of brand management
Brand and agency profiles

My interests

In my spare time I enjoy getting back on my turntables, I’ve always had a great love for music and sound in general. I enjoy photography, although I wouldn’t claim to be very good at it, I still have a lot to learn. I also really like working with my hands, woodwork was a passion of mine in school and kind of stuck with me since then. Basically, I love making stuff.

Application proficiency


Adobe Illustrator


Adobe InDesign


Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Lightroom

Industry Experience

  • Lowe South Africa – 4 Months 4%
  • FCB South Africa – 6 Years, 9 Months 69%
  • Havas Worldwide – 1 Year, 11 Months 20%
  • DDB South Africa – 2 Years, 9 Months 29%
  • FCB Auckland – 1 Year, 4 Months 15%
  • Total Experience – 13 Years, 3 months 100%


Jonathan Deeb

Jonathan Deeb

CCO - FCB Johannesburg

I really enjoyed working with Ryan while I was his ECD. He is a formidable Senior Art Director. Strong craft and conceptual abilities are underpinned by a wonderful approach to his work. He is strategic, and a confident presenter.  Ryan would be an asset to any strong creative department looking for a self-motivated, energised creative leader that is passionate about our industry and the work we create.

Eoin Welsh

Eoin Welsh

CCO - Havas Worldwide

I worked with Ryan at Havas Johannesburg for almost two years, as his creative director and colleague. Ryan was always a joy to work with, in terms of both talent and attitude – his desire to excel was fantastic, and his work was always of a superior calibre. His attitude and work ethic were always spot-on as well, always willing to help with never a complaint no matter how big the ask or how small the job. I have no hesitation in recommending Ryan for any position he applies for. I considered him a valued colleague, and I still consider him a friend.

Fiona O'Connor

Fiona O'Connor

CD - Havas Worldwide

He was very good at his job and an exceptionally hard worker for whom nothing was too much trouble. He was always willing to help. He always put everything into each job he did. He worked well with his team partners (writers) as well as the rest of the Creative Department and always came up with great ideas. His attention to detail was always present and his art direction and design skills were excellent.

Liam Wielopolski

Liam Wielopolski

CCO - DDB South Africa

Ryan always approached his work with passion, enthusiasm and dedication. A great talent and an absolute gentleman – a very rare breed in our industry. I found him to be an exceptionally hard working individual who always gave of his best. He’s a senior Art Director that not only headed up the Wrigley account but worked across all our clients. He was always in high demand from Account Management, they just knew there wasn’t going to be any issues, any egos, any ranting raving; their jobs would be delivered with the utmost professionalism and at the end of the day great work

Matthew Berge

Matthew Berge

ECD - DDB South Africa

I’ve had the privilege of working with Ryan for a little over 2 years, on all of our major accounts. I’ll let his book demonstrate his ample abilities as a creative and rather speak briefly about qualities far more important for anyone lucky enough to become his manager and colleague. Ryan’s military work ethic and complete inability to bitch & moan, regardless of how tough the going gets or how long the day becomes, are what make him an asset. In an industry under rage-inducing pressure to deliver not just better, but quicker… Doops has never been anything but a positive force and a true mensch in the creative department. He will be sorely missed (unless he starts supporting the All Blacks. In which case, fuck him, you can have him).

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