The Brief:

To launch the new CT200h into the market, Lexus briefed us on a through the line campaign with one problem, people in the market for buying a hot hatch are looking at Golf GTI and Focus ST. To them, image is everything and the environment plays little to no significant roll in their purchase behaviour. We needed to convince them that owning a hybrid hatch would give them the best of both worlds.

Teaser elements were created to drive curiosity around the launch event date. We chose traditional media as well as something slightly different, our manimal heads replaced those of models on the cover of the countries most stylish publications with a little bit of information about the launch on the reverse side.

The hybrid app simply allowed the user to pick 2 seemingly unrelated items from a supplied list. Once chosen a map system would show them where in the area they could experience those 2 things. Showing again that style and nature truly do live well together.

We also ran a promotion that gave one lucky person the chance to own a one of a kind designer Lexus.